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A typical Reamer consists of a set of parallel straight or helical cutting edges along the length of a cylindrical body. Each cutting edge is ground at a slight angle and with a slight undercut below the cutting edge. Reamers must combine both hardness in the cutting edges, for long life, and toughness, so that the tool does not fail under the normal forces of use. SJ TOOLS is recognized as a leading reamer manufacturer in Korea. As leading cermet reamer manufacturers in Korea, we adopt the best manufacturing process to ensure a long life for the reamer and a superior finish to the hole.

Our products are highly acclaimed for its precision engineering and smooth finish. We are one of the best reamer manufacturers in Korea who test all the products in our in-house testing units to ensure its extended service life and quality at par with International standards.

Buy our reamers and experience quality at its best. Contact Us for more details!

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